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Help us design our ‘Holiday’ meal boxes!

We’ve got an idea for how we can still have holiday fun this year but we need your help!

So we might not be able to enjoy travels abroad this year but we’ve come up with an idea of how we can still enjoy the food and culture of other countries but from the comfort of our own homes and gardens.

We are planning some Happeninginherts.com Shop Local ‘Holiday’ Food and Activity Boxes. The idea is that each box has a theme – Spain for a Day, for example – and it would include kits and recipes for making meals from that country, plus some fun games and activities for the family. So a Spain for a Day kit might include the ingredients for tapas, a link to an online salsa class, a pinata with sweets to play with, etc.. As usual, we will try to use local produce and items from local businesses in our boxes as much as possible, as we already do with our graze boxes, date night boxes and grocery boxes.

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What would you put in a ‘holiday meal & activity box’? Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay

That’s where you come in. We need your help! We’d love to hear what your favourite holiday destination is and your ideas for what could go in a meal and activity box for that country. The individual with the best idea will win a holiday box to test out for us. Please fill in the form below & also state whether you are happy for us to add you to our newsletter mailing list:

Piper Terrett
Author: Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

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