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Help us design our local grocery boxes

We’re planning to launch weekly grocery boxes featuring items from local Herts businesses. Can you help us decide what will go in them?

We have some amazing local businesses in Hertfordshire. At Happeninginherts.com, we want to make it easier for local customers to access their products. So we’re planning to launch a weekly grocery box delivery scheme through our online store – hopefully in a month’s time.

The grocery boxes will include store cupboard items, such as dried pasta, cereals and rice from Hertford zerowaste shop Replenish Refill, fruit and vegetables from Broxbourne Fruit and Veg, plus goodies such as cakes and brownies, coffee and tea from other local suppliers.

We also had suggestions of flowers, which we hope to source from April Showers in Stanstead Abbotts, other suggestions of milk from Dawlicious and flour from Mill Green Museum in Hatfield.

The idea would be to deliver weekly, with orders taken via our online store by Wednesday and then delivered on Friday.

Would you be interested in the scheme and what would you like to see included in your box? Are there other add-ons that you would be interested in purchasing from time to time? Let us know here below or on our Facebook page. There’s a bottle of wine for the best idea!

Sign up here:

Piper Terrett
Author: Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

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