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Priory Park regeneration plans

The Local Lowdown Podcast: The Priory Park Pioneers

This week on The Local Lowdown Podcast we chat to Gavin Vollans behind the regeneration plans for Priory Park playground in Ware

Enterprising Gavin Vollans decided during Lockdown that Priory Park Playground in Ware was looking a bit tired. Now he and his team of other local parents are busy raising thousands of pounds through a crowdfunding campaign and have received numerous pledges from local businesses and offers of help from local builders. To hear more about this exciting venture, listen to our podcast interview with Gavin.

Plus, there’s more banter with Hitchin’s radio superstar Graham Mack.

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Piper Terrett
Author: Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

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