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The Local Lowdown podcast: What to do at Easter with Mum’s Guide to Hertford

What on earth are we going to do with the kids over Easter now that everything is still closed? Fear not, Kayleigh Short of Mum’s Guide to Hertford has the answers…

This Easter holiday it’s going to be tricky to find things for the kids to do given we are still on Lockdown and most attractions are closed. So this week on The Local Lowdown Podcast we chat to the fabulous Kayleigh Short who runs the Mum’s Guide to Hertford and has the answers at her finger tips… Plus there’s more fun and banter with radio superstar Graham Mack.

Click here to listen in.

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Piper Terrett
Author: Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

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