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The lucky winners of our goodie bags

Who won our goodie bags for those who deserve a special treat this year?

It’s not been a fun year for many people with the Covid outbreak so, at Happeninginherts, we wanted to spread a little bit of Christmas cheer. Earlier this week we asked you to nominate someone who deserved a treat – maybe they will be on their own at Christmas or they’ve been busy working hard to help others this year. We wanted to give away two gift bags of items from local businesses and a bottle of wine to three lucky winners.

In the end we received six nominations via our Facebook and Instagram pages. It was so hard to choose between them that we decided to see if we could rustle up some extra prizes. Here are the winners:

Kathleen Cosgrove in Hoddesdon who is a fantastic gran wins a gift bag.

Corinne Mills in Hoddesdon, who has been working hard throughout the pandemic to support others at her keyworker supermarket job receives a bottle of wine.

Alison Mann in Hailey who has been busy caring for her father and because of Covid hasn’t been able to see her two new grandchildren receives a gift bag.

Michelle Jaggs in Hertford who is has been working throughout as a secondary school teacher receives a bottle of wine.

Luisa Gaiteri, also in Hoddesdon, who is a supportive sister wins a bottle of wine.

While Gemma Wicks, in Hoddesdon, who has worked so hard for others as part of the Covid Mutual Aid response group and also collecting coats for the homeless, also receives a gift bag. Prizes will be delivered today.

Our gift bags include face masks from the Secret Society of Hertford Crafters, bath bombs from Hertford-based Doap, handmade soaps from Karen Young of Cottage Soaps, hot chocolate kits from Wild Sugar Confectionery in Stanstead Abbotts, a tea bag sample from Twist Teas and lip balms from Milo + James in St Albans.

Well done to our lovely winners and thanks to Vanessa Clay, Kayleigh Short, LJP Creations, Jessi Mann, Jasmine Mills and Abi Williams for nominating them.

Wanted to nominate somebody for their amazing deeds this year during the Covid Pandemic but missed out this time? Look out for our Lockdown Awards coming in the New Year…

Piper Terrett
Author: Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

Piper Terrett

Editor and founder of Happeninginherts.com

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